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AISVA - folk and modern !

"AISVA" was formed on 27th of March, 2007 in Jonava town (Lithuania). The Band usually arrange and play Lithuanian folk songs in which folk is mixed with various modern styles of music. "AISVA" also play original songs made to sound folkish. The group participates in towns` feasts, festivals in Lithuania and other countries, TV shows, different contests. Also you can hear group songs on the radio.




Music contest " HOUSE OF MUSIC 2009" (Lithuania)- semifinal participants.
Music contest " SILJA SYMPHONY SONG CONTEST 13" (International) - 2010 - winners.
Music contest " AUŠTA AUŠRELĖ" - 2010 (Lithuania) - laureates.
Music contest " SHARQ TARONALARI" - 2011 (Uzbekistan) - winners.
Music contest " SHARQ TARONALARI" - 2013 (Uzbekistan) - final participants (Project Dijuta).
Music contest " Art Kolkhi" - 2022 (Sakartvel) - grand prix.

The group also participated in Latvia, Poland, Ireland, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Israel.

Members of the band:

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composer and arranger Robertas

Robertas - composer, arranger

© 2010 "AISVA" : Ideas by DzinTonic & Ramunė & Raimis